Kesä. Summer.

Today we saw the first swallow. Here in Finland we have a proverb saying that a swallow means ” It is Summer”,

Also a rhubarb is  first signs of summer. Our rhubarb almost in a a day  appeared in the garden.

It was much easier to take a photo of a rhubarb than a swallow.


Tänään näimme ensimmäisen pääskysen, eli nyt on kesä vanhan sananlaskun mukaan.

Raparperin herääminen on myös varma kesän merkki, lähes päivässä se on ilmaantunut maan pinnalle.

4 thoughts on “Kesä. Summer.

  1. Yes, we have spring like an explosion, snow is melting, the light increases, waters raise to fields, birds are coming, and all that happens in about one month. Now the sun goes down about 9.30 in the evening. Autumn is grey, raining, storming, dark.


  2. normally all the public pools would open here today… it was always the start of summer season… not sure if the pools opened today and if they get visitors… maybe some penguins and polar bears will like the temperatures :o)

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