Hirvi eksyksissä. Moose Lost its Route.

This evening at 10 o`clock my husband noticed a young moose walking in our street. The moose had lost its route to nearby forest. This story has a happy end. We saw it later in the evening walking towards the forest.

I took photos through the window, they are not very clear.






10 thoughts on “Hirvi eksyksissä. Moose Lost its Route.

  1. Those big ears ~ look like a donkey! When I was a kid in Rovaniemi, a heard of Moose went through the backyard I jumped on my sister’s back as told her to pick up a stick and hit them in the nose. The Moose ignored us.

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  2. A camel, that is great to see. A moose is shy and I was afraid that it hurts itself in our village. A moose is angry if it has a calf. This moose was almost in our garden, I would like to keep it, like all the animals I see.


  3. Oh wow!!! I never saw one for real… are they more shy when you meet one or is it better to run? We had a camel once on our street. we locked it in our back yard and called the police… we needed 3 phone calls from different neighbors till they came, they always hung up because they thought it is a booze-joke. after two hours the circus guys came and brought it back…sad somehow I pondered about a name while waiting and played with the thought to keep it…

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  4. This one was really lost, only danger was that it starts to panic and hurt itself, but a moose with a calf is dangerous as all animals with cubs.

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