4 thoughts on “Omenapuu. Apple Tree.

  1. Kippis is a bad word if you say it many times. Here is a new word koira, it means a dog. K is k, o is like o in dog, i is kit, r is r and a is like fast. I like different languages too. Last winter I was at a course ” Russian for beginners”. It was fun and I learned though I am six hundred years old.

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  2. I only know some words… the first I learnt was Kippes but that ended not well with a thick head the next day :o) I asked google for this difficult word it means something my momma always ignores when she tries to park the car :o)

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  3. If you say a word “food” these oo sounds the same as uu in the word puu. Nice to hear you learning finnish. It is not impossible to learn. We have many common words, hotel is hotelli, post is posti, but we have also some difficult ones like kääntöympyrä.:-)


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