Kuura. Frost.

Cold and humid weather decorates our trees with frost. Today the sun was shining and the trees were amazingly beautiful.

Kylmä ja kostea ilma koristaa puumme kuuralla. Aurinko paistoi tänään ja puut olivat uskomattoman kauniita.






Book Review: The Red Claw by Jeanne Foguth

redthumb This books starts from Bahamas where Xander the Hunter is sailing. He receives an email from Lady Mitzi Montgomery, her littermate Dame Esmeralda is catnapped, not in Bahamas, but in Jamaica. Xander the Hunter is the only cat in the whole world to find her.

So Xander must sail to Jamaica. He arrives to a small harbour and meets an interesting small, black and white girl with huge golden eyes. Her name is Sharkey, Shark Bait. And here starts the adventure.

Does Xander find Dame Esmeralda, what happens to the lovely Sharkey? Who is Mouse? These questions have answers, but not what you expected. The story is full of surprises.

I started to read this book like an adventure book, but this is much more. It is a book of friendship, love, understanding and taking care of each others. This book shows how important is education, healt care to every one, cats, dogs, humans.
This book has very many different levels, the main idea is always to take care of the weakest among us and accept everyone, race, breed, colour, backround are not meaningfull, only a good heart.



Räntää. Sleet.

This is the truth today at 1 pm. After two hours it is dark.The temperature has been jumping between -15°C, 5°F and +2°C, 36°F. It has been snowing, raining and sleeting.

Tämä on totuus tänään klo 13.00. Kahden tunnin kuluttua on pimeä. Lämpötila on heitellyt -15° ja +2° välillä.Sataa lunta, vettä ja räntää.


Vanha valtatie. An Old Highway.

This way was the main route, Hämeenkankaantie,  from South to North in Finland. It has seen much, postmen riding with urgent letters, some kings in their sledges, wolves, poor people begging for food in guesthouses, soldiers marching, tax collectors and now sometimes a car.

We use this old highway, if not too much snow,  at Christmas Eve, when we drive to a nearby town to light candles to the graves of our parents.


Thank you for helping me!

The problems with my comments are not over. I have been writing comments to very many posts, quite many are disappering. It is also possible that you will get more than one comment in one post.  Please, I ask once more, check your spam.

This photo is taken yesterday, the sun at 2.50 pm.We live quite south, so we see the sun for six hours, but days are still getting shorter about three weeks more.The shortest day is 22.12,  the sunrise at 9.43 am. and the sunset 15.03 pm.