Sunday 30.4.2017

This winter is not giving up easily, snowing started yesterday in the evening and it is still snowing. I don´t know what happens to our flowers and trees. Our hedgehog was searching for food again last night in heavy snow. We feeded it and then followed it to see where it is going. Under the oak it lost the way home and my husband carried it to it´s home. He said that it was the first time in his life he was carrying a hedgehog.


Where is the spring?

It has been snowing and raining for days, the temperature is below 0°C,  32°F at nights. Yesterday evening we saw a hedgehog walking in the snow and we gave it cat food. This hedgehodg has slept the wintertime in it´s house in our yard. Today snow melted away in the afternoon, but this night will be cold again. Our spring is soon one month late.

Today by the lake Kyrösjärvi.

Veneranta sade1

Coltfoot and ice.

Today, at Good Friday, was a very cold day, only 0° C, 32° F. The sun was shining for a while. We were driving around to see some hints of disappeared spring. Our lake was sleeping under ice. Coltfoot was in bloom by a stone warmed by the sun. Two so different photos. Coltfoot is in Finnish leskenlehti, a leaf of a widow, maybe because it is alone in bloom so early in spring.



Jäinen järvi