Problems and surprises. Ongelmia ja yllätyksiä.

This blog has been very quiet almost two weeks. We had some real summer days, then it started to rain. It was good, because it was such a long dry season we had to water our trees and plants, but to take beautiful photos of rain was difficult.

I had also problems to transfer photos from the camera to the computer, I didn´t find any reason why, and today everything worked quite easily.

What was the first surprise? It was and is a cat. We saw in winter a grey cat in our yard when it was more than -20°C/ -4°F cold. We tried to take it inside, but it was very fearful and ran away. We didn´t see it again and we thought that it didn´t survive. When the few summer days came, so came this cat back. It was a tiny cat, just skin and bones. After feeding it stayed in our yard. So we continued to feed her, no more “it” and one day my husband carried her to our sauna,  as a quarantine place. She just slept and ate for two weeks and then she started to explore the house.

Kosmo knew that we have a cat in sauna, the girl was spitting and growling there. Then they were allowed to see each others shortly. Kosmo was at first very angry, and I think, jealous, too. Day by day they got more common time, it was hissing and fighting at the beginning, but every day was better, and yesterday I saw Kosmo licking her head.

When we took that girl to our sauna, we decided to let her eat and sleep some days and then we will take her to a shelter. The end of a story: she is still here and her name Pippi, after the wisest cat we have ever had.

The second almost surprise was a postcard from Benji and Ms. Zulu in Florida. This photo of the card is not very sharp, but you see there our two doggie friends. Here is a link to their blog, which is full of adventures

Benji and Ms. Zulu




24 thoughts on “Problems and surprises. Ongelmia ja yllätyksiä.

  1. hello pippi its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is nice to meet yoo yoo ar going to luv living in yore noo home with yore noo brother kosmo!!! oh and hay my dada sed i shud ask yoo if yore last naym is longstockings i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt as yoozhual!!! ok bye

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