A sunny Saturday. Aurinkoinen sunnuntai.

We have seen the sun today!

Kosmo rajat.jpg
We have left a tiny jungle for Kosmo in our garden. He is checking the area.
Kosmo naama.jpg
Everything in order.
Kosmo istuu.jpg
Just sitting.
A cat cave.
Lähi luola.jpg
Sleeping in his cave.

Frosty nights in July. Hallaöitä heinäkuussa.

Yes, the temperature at nights has been now under 0°C/ 32°F twice. This is very strange, like the whole spring. Last winter we had not much snow, the spring was cold and rainy and two weeks late. Some birds just visited us and turned back to warmer areas.  Thirty years ago we have had as cold June as now. In the daytime in July is has been about 20°C/ 68°F.

Many flowers and trees didn´t blossom at all, but this lily, in Finnish the name is shadow lily, Lilium Martagon, is in full glamour.