Too late! Liian myöhään!

This Ligularia dentata, kallionauhus in Finnish, have always been full of butterflies. This year it hardly gets it´s blossoms open, and I have not seen butterflies at all.

IMG_8222 Nauhus
This year 2017 at the end of August.
Nauhus täynnä perhosia
Year 2015 at the end of August.

A forest. Metsä. Лес.

Yesterday we made a walk to a forest, I was taking photos, my husband was checking that this forest does well and is growing. Everything there is ready for the winter to come.

IMG_8260 Saniainen
A peaceful place in an area of young spruces.
IMG_8250 Sienien talo
A mushroom castle.
Beard moss on an old spruce.
IMG_8272 Oravanmarja
False lily of the valley. The Finnish name is oravanmarja,  a squirrels´s berry.
IMG_8262 Kävyt
And squirrels have food.
IMG_8268 Vadelmat
This forest, named Niskavuori,  gave us juicy rasberries to eat.


A day in August. Elokuun päivä.

This August has some days left. Our temperatures are like in October, today +13 °C/ 54°F. The wind blows straight from the North. Berries and apples are all soon ready to pick. We picked today all the redcurrants, black ones were not ripe enough. The leaves of cherry trees are turning yellow and falling down. Apples have already red cheeks.

IMG_8229 Hannu pensaassa
My hubby picking redcurrants.
Cherry trees.
IMG_8244 Omenat
Red cheeks.

Lucifer and Klaara.

A strong heat wave, called Lucifer, attacked Europe last week and Lucifer´s tail hit for us two warm and sunny days, Thursday and Friday. After that a thunderstorm Klaara visited us on Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_8145 Salko1
Heat wave Lucifer gave us some summer days.
IMG_8150 Lilja1
After Klaara.
Flowers are decorated with raindrops.
One of my favourite flowers, a soapwort.
“Raindrops keep falling on my head”.


Visiting Ähtäri Zoo. Snow Leopards. Ирбис.

Profiili lumileo

Lumileo kieli


The snow leopard or ounce (Panthera uncia syn. Uncia uncia) is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. It is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species because, as of 2003, the size of the global wild population was estimated at 4,080–6,590 adults. Fewer than 2,500 individuals may be reproducing in the wild. As of 2016, estimates for the size of the global population vary from at least 4,080 to about 8,700 individuals. ( Wikipedia)


Visiting Ähtäri Zoo.

Some information, Ähtäri Zoo website: “Ähtäri Zoo was established in 1973 and nowadays houses 65 animal species of Scandinavian forest zone. The zoo is spread in 60 hectares, in a very nice wide natural environment, surrounded by different terrains and vegetation. There is a 3 km and a 1.5 km walking routes and approximately 300 animals. It is open every day throughout the year. The most popular animals are our bears, endangered snow leopards and new animals takinies from Himalaya, endangered as well.”

There is two bear cubs, 1,5 years old and they are playing, like children do.

One cub was swimming. Tuesday was a hot day.
The other one was swinging in a cartyre.
Sisällä renkaassa
It was really fun.
Ulos renkaasta
Now to the pool.
There was a crocobear waiting.
Menossa altaaseen
Walking to the pool.
Suut auki
Who was here first?
Koko karhu
Here was a peanut.
Thank you for reading.