Exceptional May!

We have had very hot weather about two weeks, temperatures between 25°C-29°C/ 77°F-86°F. Last time we had as hot May as now was 60 years ago. Last year we had snow a week ago.

IMG_9056 Kosmo ja varjo
Kosmo found a tiny shadow under a small spruce.

35 thoughts on “Exceptional May!

  1. hello photofinland its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow those ar sum hot temperatchoors indeed we hav maybe gottin that hot like wunse this yeer!!! hay kosmo i see yoo fownd the best seet in the howse!!! ummm i meen in the yard!!! ok bye

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  2. We had snow the first week of May last year too. About 6-7 inches. Had hoped for some this year since it was a terribly dry winter but no such luck. After temps in the 80’s earlier this week, we’re ‘enjoying’ a love 49F today and the garden is slurping up a bit of rain. 😊 Have a wonderful weekend, Kosmo!

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