Our home spruce, a sad story.

We moved to this property On July 2010, and we had a beautiful spruce in our yard.

IMG_3350 Tsässä ehjä kuusi1
Year 2010.

Then a storm, year 2015, cut off the treetop.

IMG_3419 Kuusi latva poikki2
The spruce without the treetop, now on the ground.
The spruce died and it is time to cut it down.
Making plans.
IMG_9407 Oksat pois5.jpg
Cutting of the branches.
IMG_9415 Korkealla.jpg
Here he is, my husband.
IMG_9408 Köyden laitto6
The plan was to cut the top of at first, the whole trunk woud have destroyed the berry bushes. The rope was needed to quide the top to the right direction, I was on the other end of the rope.
IMG_9417 Latvan sahaaminen8
Sawing the top off.
IMG_9420 Kaatumissuunta9
This is a falling direction, hopefully.
IMG_9428 Latva irti10
The top is down, and in the right direction.
Then the trunk.
IMG_9436 Kaatuu12
The trunk falling.
This is what is now left of our majestetic spruce.


Panda life in Finland, in Ähtäri Zoo.

Lumi etukuva.jpg
Lumi, a happy panda.

We visited Ähtäri the Snowpandahouse 16.8.2018. Here is the story of these two pandas with cute photos.

During the visit by Chinese President Xi Jingping to Finland last April, China and Finland signed an agreement on joint research on giant pandas. According to the document, a pair of pandas was sent to Finland in January 2018 and live in Ahtari zoo for 15 years. They are a gift from China to mark our nation’s 100 years of independence.

The Snowpanda House of Ähtäri Zoo is an impressive complex. Upon examining the complex in November 2017, the top experts of China’s State Forestry Administration’s panda centre stated that the building and the outside enclosures are the best outside of China. The Snowpanda House includes a viewing space where the public can see the pandas spending time in their outdoor, in wintertimeolaying in the snow,  and indoor enclosures.

IMG_9498 Pandatalo
The pandahouse has a huge view window wall to a pine forest and a play ground with a waterfall and versatile tools for climbing and playing.
Pyry, Hua Bao, taking a nap after eating bambu.
IMG_9454 Lumi retkottaa
Lumi, Jin Baobao, is awakening.

The two are a four-year-old male panda, named Hua Bao, and a three-year-old female, named Jin Baobao.  Their new, Finnish names are Pyry, “Snowfall”, for the male, and Lumi  “Snow” for the female.

IMG_9463 Lumi haistaa porkkanan.jpg
Lumi going out after a smell of a carrot.
IMG_9467 Lumi löytää porkkanan.jpg
Oh yes, a carrot!
IMG_9468 Lumi syö porkkanaa.jpg
IMG_9473 Lumi herkullista
Oh yes, so tasty!
IMG_9486 Lumi sisäporkkana.jpg
Lumi walked in, and there was a surprise, a carrot again!
IMG_9487 lumi porkkana sisätiloissa.jpg
Lumi tasting a carrot she found.
IMG_9488 Keimailua Lumi.jpg
She is an entertainer.
IMG_9491 Lumi iloinen porkkana.jpg
She loves carrots!
Pyry has been sleeping all  the time.









July, a new heat record.

Last July was the hottest one since the year 1941. The average temperature was 19,6°C/ 67,28°F. The temperature was over 25°C/ 77°F during 27 days. You might think this is not much, but remember  the Arctic Circle crosses Finland. We are located between the same latitudes as Alaska.

The rainfall was remarkable lower than normally. In this area it was raining twice.

IMG_9346 Tietyöt
Roadworks every summer.
IMG_9352 Kimalianen
Working hard.
IMG_9367 Sade
Problems with freezers in a shop. Water ran down inside the doors. Looked really bad.
IMG_9375 Hajuherne.jpg
Miss July.