Our home spruce, a sad story.

We moved to this property On July 2010, and we had a beautiful spruce in our yard.

IMG_3350 Tsässä ehjä kuusi1
Year 2010.

Then a storm, year 2015, cut off the treetop.

IMG_3419 Kuusi latva poikki2
The spruce without the treetop, now on the ground.
The spruce died and it is time to cut it down.
Making plans.
IMG_9407 Oksat pois5.jpg
Cutting of the branches.
IMG_9415 Korkealla.jpg
Here he is, my husband.
IMG_9408 Köyden laitto6
The plan was to cut the top of at first, the whole trunk woud have destroyed the berry bushes. The rope was needed to quide the top to the right direction, I was on the other end of the rope.
IMG_9417 Latvan sahaaminen8
Sawing the top off.
IMG_9420 Kaatumissuunta9
This is a falling direction, hopefully.
IMG_9428 Latva irti10
The top is down, and in the right direction.
Then the trunk.
IMG_9436 Kaatuu12
The trunk falling.
This is what is now left of our majestetic spruce.



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