How important is sauna for us, Finns?

IMG_9647 Saunalaiva.jpg
The answer is: very important. One example here. M/S Ikaalinen at the harbour of the city of Ikaalinen. The light blue cottage on the top is sauna. Passangers are able to take a bath and swim during a cruise.
IMG_9657 Kyrösjärvi satama.jpg
Lake Kyrösjärvi. Suitable for cruising. From the harbour to open waters.

Linden Alley in the City of Ikaalinen.

The city of Ikaalinen is among the most beautiful cities in Finland. It is surrounded by the lake Kyrösjärvi in three sides. One specialty is an old linden alley by the lake. I tried to find out how old those trees are, but didn´t find any information of them.

IMG_9620 Lehmuskuja

IMG_9624 Lehmukset vasemmalta1

IMG_9630 Lehmukset kujalla

IMG_9633 Lehmus halki

IMG_9635 Lehmukset järvi

IMG_9637 Lehmukset ranta