Beautiful Spring.

My husband showed me, once again, who is the photographer in this family. These photos are taken half past five in the afternoon.

IMG_9853 Kultainen silta
The sun was painting the bridge golden.
IMG_9861 Leppä ja järvi
The sky and water, same bright blue colour.
IMG_9855 Avoin vesi
Ice is melting.
An old birch.

Three swans were flying to the lake.

So we drove to the lake, where is some free water, but they were not there. To see swans arriving is a great moment, the whooper swan is our national bird and the first signs of spring. We have had now sunny days, after a long gray season, snow is melting, and the weather is warmer, today +6C/ 42F. Now we are waiting to see cranes on the sky. The spring is here always like an explosion, everything happens fast, in some weeks winter is gone, birds are making nests and the first crocuses stick their heads towards the sun.

IMG_9792 Koivut Usvatie
IMG_9801 Luhtatie
Still snow.
IMG_9786 Sininen taivas
The sky is so blue.