Eurasian Siskins. Чижи. Vihervarpusia.

Suddenly today our yard was full of tiny birds, Eurasian Siskins.

IMG_0091 Vihervarpunen pääkuva

IMG_0074 Vihervarpunen profiili

IMG_0087 Vihervarpunen ruokaa suussa

IMG_0072 Vihervapunen miettivä

IMG_0098 Piha täynnä vihervarpusia


28 thoughts on “Eurasian Siskins. Чижи. Vihervarpusia.

  1. Elena, parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan. I didn’t know this bird is so famous in Russian poetry. At spring I always wait to see them, they are so tiny and the bright colours are so beautiful.


  2. Omg, they are so cute! I have seen one in late August nearby our house, but it was so quick. I thought I just saw it wrong, because the color seemed to be too bright to be true 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos and pointing bird’s name. This bird is frequently mentioned in Russian poems of 19th century about nature, but I never give it a thought to how this bird actually looks like. Thanks 🙂

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