Siskins made chicks. Птенец.

You may remember I blogged of Eurasian siskins visiting our yard. Some of them made their nests  in out yard, because yesterday I saw a siskin chick by the bird pool. It wa a great moment!

IMG_0262 Vihervarpunen altaalla
It was really tiny, about the size of my thump.

IMG_0263 pikkuvarpunen takaa


I changed my blog address.

It was

I wanted to change it, because here in Finland is so many photofinland blogs.

The new address is

Now the old address is closed and the new one doesn’t work, I have tried about thousand times.

I paid 13 euros to get the old address linked to the new one, it doesn’t work.

Could you, please, try the new address and tell me what happens.