Cranes are flying to the warmer countries.

Migratory birds, as cranes, are just now, after the first night frosts, leaving this country. Thousands of cranes are gathering on the fields eating grain and waiting for right winds. They will fly to the Southern Europe, some to the Northern Africa. We are watching big crane wedges on the sky and cry a little bit. It is so magnificient, and sad, are we still here to see them flying back in next spring.

To the South! A huge crane wedge.
IMG_0605 Nuori kurki
This crane with brown head is born this summer and now ready for a long fly.
IMG_0606 Uroskurki
A male crane.
IMG_0608 Kurkiperheet
We disturbed them.
IMG_0611 Kurjen takapuoli
Good bye!

A Ladybug and A Sunflower Bud in September.

The wind has a smell of snow, nightfrosts are here. Last night it was -3°C/ 25 °F.  We still have life here. I was really surprised to see a ladybug in a sunflower bud. Sunflowers didn´t have time to open their buds. Migratory birds are just now leaving these areas.

IMG_0624 Auringonkukka, leppäkerttu lähi


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