Blue world.

Snow covered the whole world here at Cristmas night. Days are now, after the Winter Solstice, longer, about one minute now. Our winter twilight at this time of a year is blue and white. The photos are taken after sunset, about 3 PM, and it was slightly snowing.

Forgotten apples.

IMG_0117 Omenat lumessa

Twilight, white and blue.

IMG_0123 kirsikkapuuut lumessa

Gooseberry bush with a white veil.

IMG_0124 Karviaispensas lumessa

The backyard.

IMG_0126 Takapiha, kuuset, kirsikat

Tiny spruce trees are soon in troubles.

IMG_0129 Pieni kuusiaita


Sweet Memories. Hiking in Lapland.

Sweets memories of our hiking trip in Lapland, in the UKK National Park. UKK comes from the name of our late president, Urho Kaleva Kekkkonen.

The texts under the photos are only seen in the Reader. I just can´t understand why. I have now tried one hour without a success.


007 Rinkka Kristiina
Everything I need for a week in a desert is packed in my back. Food, clothes, a sleeping bag.
011 Aittojoki
My hubby has also our house in his back, a tent for two. The red cover is protecting our belongings in rain.
003 Leiri Saariselkä.jpg
Coffee break, we needed lots of coffee.
007 Suomu ylitetty
Over the rivers we hiked.
023 joen ylitys
A river again.
003 Sarvuojan kämppä
One night we slept in this cabin. This cabin is open for all the hikers for free. There is shelves to sleep in a sleeping bag and  a place to cook.
016 Yöllä tulilla
Sitting by the fire.
018 Tiskaus
Washing the dishes.
012 Maisema Sileäselkä.jpg
Near our destination. The scenery I love.
008 Kahvinkeitossa
Coffee break. It was really windy, so I was cooking by the only stone I found.
022 paratiisikuru
The destination. The Paradise canyon.