A Wall Made by Giants.

We spent one of these most beautiful and warm days visiting Lauhanvuori National Park to see this amazing Giants´wall. This largest stone field is called Kivijata, Stone Chain. It is 800 metres long and over one kilometre in height.

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In Lauhanvuori, crustal upheavals lifted sandstone from the shore, forming a mountain of over one kilometre in height, which eroded to its current height over time. The erosion left its traces, such as tors, in the area.

More information https://www.lauhanvuoriregion.fi/geopark-en-gb/geologia-en-gb/

Hiking over the stone field is only allowed on the duckboards.

A coffee break, because we are Finns, we drink coffee all the time and everywhere.

At the time of Covid-19 virus this National Park was really quiet, we saw less than ten people during our three hour visit.

34 thoughts on “A Wall Made by Giants.

  1. I would think the duckboard would be the easiest way across; it would take even a skilled hiker some
    time to cross I imagine:) are you permitted to take one rock home for use in a garden or is it prohibited?

    what an awesome place !!!

    N wavez two ewe kosmo 🙂 ♥♥

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  2. Finland was “closed” about twelve weeks, and now the schools, are open, and next week restaurants and cafees will be open. We are allowed to travel inside the country, but ordered to avoid people. It is easy here with 5 millions inhabitants in the whole country. It is really difficult to think that about 10 000 years ago here was the Ice Age, and everything was under huge ice berg.

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