30 thoughts on “Light Nights.

  1. This midsummer time is very dangerous, because the weather is really about 29C, very high here. The police informed that last night has been very busy, even though today is the real party day, the midsummer eve. Have a great darkest day of the year!😁


  2. Lol! I hope you have a Swedish midsummer then… boats and alcohol – eek. It is a problem here too but all year round not just in midsummer – at least the waters are a bit warmer….

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  3. We, me and my hubby, have done a midnight ride, the whole night driving mostly to a sea shore, for years. The Finnish way to celebrate nowadays is to burn meat in grills, get drunk take a boat and get drowned. Swedes have better manners.


  4. Oh it is almost that longest day for you and for us down in Australia the shortest day. How do you celebrate midsummer. With a crayfish party like the Swedes?

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