Too warm, too cold.

This spring and summer have been in many ways interesting. Our two huge lilacs have been every year full of blossoms, now no blossoms at all. The yellow plum trees were full of blossoms, but no plums. Redcurrant bushes are empty, blackcurrant bushes have some berries. The cherry trees have one cherry. The reason, I think, is the weather, a heat wave in June and now raining every day. So too warm and then too cold.

Raining Every Day.

This July is among the rainiest Julys ever. Every day is raining. Autumn is already near. The light nights are over. In the northernmost part of Finland, in a village of Utsjoki, the sun has set for the first time since 16 May. Here is an interesting link to see sunrises and sunsets in Utsjoki.


After an incredible warm June we have been under a huge low pressure area with heavy rains. No road trips, no interesting placed to see. So it is time for some cat and yard photos.

Kosmo on his daily walk.
A visitor, who comes every day for a meal. After a a meal is time for napping.
The yard is really green now.
Busy workers.

Testing a camera in a smart phone.

I have used always my “normal” camera, but it is big and it is not always with me like the phone. So I am learning to take photos and make a blog post with the phone. The first results are here.

EXIF: f/2.4 1/153 ISO 100 1.94mm
EXIF: f/2.4 1/121 ISO 100 1.94mm
EXIF: f/179 1/1500 ISO171 4,74mm
EXIF: f/179 1/1989 ISO 104 4,74mm
EXIF: f/179 1/1386 ISO 100 4,74mm

I think quite good photos with a medium price smart phone.