Six years ago.

Today was a cloudy day.

I got this message today:

Happy Anniversary with!You registered on 6 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

It is difficult to believe how the time is flying. I remember the day when I said to my hubby I would like to blog, mostly with photos. It feels like two or three years ago, not six.

It was very exciting to study how to use this WordPress. I remember the first “like” star, someone has been looking at my blog.

I got some followers, and it was interesting to see the stats, the list of countries visiting b my blog. I found great blogs, friendly bloggers, they commented and later on I got friends, and that is the best part of this blogging, discussing with friends from different countries.

Even though my English is limited, my vocabulary is narrow, it has not been a problem. My readers might have got a good laugh when I am using wrong words, but they have understood what I mean.

Thank you my friends, my readers and everybody visiting this blog.

Kristiina, in faraway. Finland.

Strength for the day.

This day I will survive
with strong will,
with determination and
burning want to hang out
-came what came.

This is my translation from Finnish. It hit me with a right moment, so I wanted to share it, maybe somebody else needs it, too.

A New Bucket List.

The first blossoms in our yard.

Today I was thinking about my old bucket list. It had adventures, like a trip by train via Saint Petersburg and Moscow to Peking, as it was called here. Also there was a trip to Israel to see the places where I lived almost forty years ago. To see Spain, not only tourist areas, but also the countryside and finally to move to the Canary Islands and spent there the last years. Now the owner of this world is Covid-19 and it has made rules that change our lists, not only bucket lists, all the lists.

On a new bucket list it is an adventure to buy groceries with a mask on the face, trying to avoid people. A trip to near by city, 14 km, is almost too much. Among the greatest adventures is in every six weeks an injection to my left eye. Sometimes, when feeling depressed, this is like just waiting to die. Life is very narrow these days, but it has also positive sides. The new bucket list has walks around the yard, watching the sun waking up the nature. Today was a great day, the sun was shining, swans flying over our house, the first crocuses, the yellow ones, tomorrow maybe the violet ones. The life goes on, but now using other paths, unknown ones.