Blue world.

Snow covered the whole world here at Cristmas night. Days are now, after the Winter Solstice, longer, about one minute now. Our winter twilight at this time of a year is blue and white. The photos are taken after sunset, about 3 PM, and it was slightly snowing.

Forgotten apples.

IMG_0117 Omenat lumessa

Twilight, white and blue.

IMG_0123 kirsikkapuuut lumessa

Gooseberry bush with a white veil.

IMG_0124 Karviaispensas lumessa

The backyard.

IMG_0126 Takapiha, kuuset, kirsikat

Tiny spruce trees are soon in troubles.

IMG_0129 Pieni kuusiaita

Saturday January 19, shopping.

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At noon was -!5°C/ 5°F when I noticed we have to go to buy groceries. So I made a list what we need.

Kauppalappu 1.jpg
Cat food, bird seeds, something for us.

Then clothes, it is COLD.

minä 2
I am ready.

It was cloudy, not much light and the photos are taken mostly in the car with a phone.

The first stop was on our village, for oat seeds for birds. They had no seeds and they had thrown their Christmas tree out.

Kuusi 4.jpg
It looks sad.
tiellä 3
At 13.50 o´clock driving to the nearest town, 14 km or 8,6 miles.

The second stop is for cat food. We are now in a town called Ikaalinen.

tokmanni ulko 5
Our malls are small, and like always in our photos, no human beings.
hannu tokmanni 6
My hubby looking for treats for Kosmo the Great, 17,63 pounds, 8 kilos.

The third stop is for birds and for us.

S-market 7.jpg
As I told, no human beings or anything else moving. Birds seeds and rye bread, butter, sauerkraut, potatoes, cookies, and smoked fish.

The fourth stop is very well-known almost around the world.

Lidl ulko 9.jpg
More than one car here. We bought salad dressing, apples, carrots, yoghurt, coffee, frozen fish ,ice cream, more fish, cream, cheese, cream crackers, crisp bread, chocolate, candies, spaghetti, tofu, sugar, feta cheese, red onions, cabbage, peanuts, tuna in tomato sauce…

Now we are ready to drive home. It is getting dark. In wintertime here is a blue moment before dark. It is now about 16.00 o´clock.

Rinnetie 1 10.jpg
Our village and the blue moment.
rinnetie 2 11
Christmas is still here.

At home.

Kotona 12.jpg
Hubby carrying all the bags in, seeds and peanuts for birds 15 kilos, 33 pounds.







The weather is unpredictable.

The temperature changed from – 30° C/ -22°F to 0°C/ 32°F  in Northern parts of Finland. Cranky weather has been very typical here during last months. On Tuesday we had the most beautiful, cold and sunny day. On Wednesday morning it was raining/ snowing and the whole world was dirty gray. Here is below two views from our kitchen window. Quite a difference!

WP_20180123_008 Aurinkoinen päivä1
WP_20180124_003 Myräkkä1

Sunday Photo.

WP_20171201_004 Ranta

Hi everybody,

It´s me, Kosmo, here. This blog has been quiet, too quiet, and you see the reason in the photo above. Here is nobody, here is dark and raining. Wet ground feels terrible in my soft paws. Mom has not rushed out with her camera, no birds, some magpies, no flowers. It looks like we are hibernating until we will see the sun.

Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland.

Kosmo mallikuva

Polar Night. Kaamos. Полярная ночь.


The polar night occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the Earth when the night lasts 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.

In Northern parts of Finland this polar night starts 25.11. In Finnish it is called kaamos. The sun in under the horizon about eight weeks. It is not totally dark , it is soft twlight.

Here in our area the sun doesn´t go under the horizon, but the shortest day, the sun above the horizon, is only about three and half hours.