You want me to go for a walk, no way!

img_9764 kosmo istuu
Do you have treats?
img_9767 kosmo istuu 1
What do you mean, no treats? You ask me for a walk, there is COLD!
img_9768 kosmo istuu 2
Please, go away, I am going to take a nap.

A house for a mouse.

Hi, it`s me, Kosmo, in faraway Finland full of snow.

It has been boring, so I decided to build house for a mouse. I have never seen one, but I know  they are small. Here is the whole story in these photos.

No animals were hurt or eaten.

Take care of your humans.

IMG_8626 Piirustukset


IMG_8627 Kaikki valmiina


IMG_8641 Naula väärässä paikassa


IMG_8644 Patio


IMG_8654 Hiiret


IMG_8658 Valmis

Butter in a snow storm.

WP_20171122_003 Voi ja KOsmo

Hi, it´s me Kosmo here. Yesterday all the people and animals had a snow storm in Europe and they got bored to snow and sent it here. It has been snowing the whole day. Everything is covered with white, soft snow. Very beautiful!

What about the butter, you ask now. I love butter! In this pic my dad has butter in his finger for me. Behind me is a window and all you see is white, that´s snow. There is a thermometer in the window, look under my chin, it is 0°C/ 32°F. Not cold at all andl this snow will melt away, again. That may lift water in rivers too high, and there is flood alarm in the West coast.

Take care of your humans!