Raining Every Day.

This July is among the rainiest Julys ever. Every day is raining. Autumn is already near. The light nights are over. In the northernmost part of Finland, in a village of Utsjoki, the sun has set for the first time since 16 May. Here is an interesting link to see sunrises and sunsets in Utsjoki. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/finland/utsjoki

Stayin’ Alive!

“Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive”. A quotation of the lyrics Stayin´alive by BeeGees.

This song started to play in my head when I took these photos in our yard. We are, as almost everybodey else, limited our walkings to our yard.

These commom hepaticas are a true sign of spring.

Crocuses pop up every spring all over the yard.

IMG_0261 Krookus nuput

IMG_0264 valkoiset krookukset

Still some snow.

IMG_0270 Lumikökkö

A catphoto a day keeps us smiling. Our boy is researching if there is any edable grass.

IMG_0275 Kosmo tutkii




The spring is here. La primavera está aquí.

IMG_0172 Lavia Karhijärvi saari ja koivu
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IMG_0173 Lavia Karhijärvi kaukakuva
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IMG_0174 Lavia Karhijärvi näkymä oikella koivut
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IMG_0176 Lavia Karhijärvi jää ja sulavesi
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IMG_0177 Lavia Karhijärvi heinikko

The lake is almost free of ice, the sun is shining, it is the spring. The lake is Karhijärvi in Lavia, photos taken 20.3.2020, at Vernal Equinox day.  A long day, six months started at the North Pole, and we will have soon the light nights.
El lago es Karhijärvi en Lavia, fotos tomadas el 20.3.2020, en el dia del equinoccio vernal.



Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in…

These words from the song at the time of the Aquarius came to my mind today, because the long rainy season seems to be over, and we had cold day with bright sunshine.

IMG_0149 aurinko puiden takana piha

The sun is still quite low.

IMG_0150 Podarokit auringossa

Frost made trees look like covered with sugar.

IMG_0154 Pikkuvarpuset

Birds sat high in the trees letting the sun warm their tiny bodies and they were singing all the time.

Photos I like the most. 3.

IMG_9491 Lumi iloinen porkkana

This pandabear girl lives in Finland, in the animal park of Ähtäri. Her name is Lumi, Snow. The boybear, who lives in the neighbor apartement, is Pyry, Blizzard. They both are very young, maybe after some years they will have babypandas.

This panda looked so happy eating a carrot, and watching all the people looking at her. I had a feeling she was watching us just like the same way we were watching her. She is so cute!


The second sunset in the year 2020.

IMG_20200102_150608_resized_20200102_054803131Aurlasku3 blogi2

WP_20200102_006 Aurlasku blogi1

Our ice box was quite empty, so we drove to town of Ikaalinen to buy groceries. Before shopping we saw the this sunset, and drove around to find the best place to see it. We didn´t have cameras with us, so these photos are taken by phones. This lake, Kyrösjärvi, is not frozen yet, in some years we have alraedy been ice fishing.

The first day of 2020.

This winter seems to be special, October was colder than normally, then it started to rain, in November here was flood alert. In Western Finland water in rivers and lakes flooded to fields. At the beginning of December we had some snow, it melted away. At Christmas night is was snowing, in the Boxing Day raining. The Year 2020 started without snow, temperature +3°C/ 39°F.  Normally at this time we have snow enough to ski, temperature about -10°C/ 14°F. Very interesting to see the mid winter in February, skiing or swimming.

IMG_0140 usvatie KOivikko

IMG_0142 Lähikuva koivikko

IMG_0145 Lumeton koivikko

Great, no snow. Walk with me through the new year.

IMG_0135 Kosmo

The Polar Night.

At 4.00 PM.

IMG_0096 Talvipäivä

Here is a link to very great site, the text also in English. This village Hetta is situated in the Northern part of Finland, in Lapland. You will see the village right now in the live camera. There is also a video of the Polar Night last year. It is not dark, even thought the sun is under the horizon.



The polar night occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the Earth when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles. The opposite phenomenon, the polar day, or midnight sun, occurs when the Sun stays above the horizon for more than 24 hours. “Night” is understood as the center of the Sun being below a free horizon. Since the atmosphere bends the rays of the Sun, the polar day is longer than the polar night, and the area that is affected by polar night is somewhat smaller than the area of midnight sun. The polar circle is located at a latitude between these two areas, at the latitude of approximately 66.5 degrees. In the northernmost city of Sweden, Kiruna, at 67°51’N, the polar night lasts for around 28 twenty-four-hour periods, while the midnight sun lasts around 50 twenty-four-hour periods. While it is day in the Arctic Circle, it is night in the Antarctic Circle, and vice versa.