A Ladybug and A Sunflower Bud in September.

The wind has a smell of snow, nightfrosts are here. Last night it was -3°C/ 25 °F.  We still have life here. I was really surprised to see a ladybug in a sunflower bud. Sunflowers didn´t have time to open their buds. Migratory birds are just now leaving these areas.

IMG_0624 Auringonkukka, leppäkerttu lähi


Leppäkerttu kaukaa




Black currants more than ever.

On Friday and Saturday we were picking black currants. The bushes were really full of berries. We have now in a freezer about 20 litres for the winter, and the bushes have still more, maybe for tomorrow.

IMG_8309 oma kuva
A lazy picker needs a chair.

IMG_8299 puoli herukat
After rainy summer the berries are big.

IMG_8295 alatertut



A forest. Metsä. Лес.

Yesterday we made a walk to a forest, I was taking photos, my husband was checking that this forest does well and is growing. Everything there is ready for the winter to come.

IMG_8260 Saniainen
A peaceful place in an area of young spruces.

IMG_8250 Sienien talo
A mushroom castle.

Beard moss on an old spruce.

IMG_8272 Oravanmarja
False lily of the valley. The Finnish name is oravanmarja,  a squirrels´s berry.

IMG_8262 Kävyt
And squirrels have food.

IMG_8268 Vadelmat
This forest, named Niskavuori,  gave us juicy rasberries to eat.


A day in August. Elokuun päivä.

This August has some days left. Our temperatures are like in October, today +13 °C/ 54°F. The wind blows straight from the North. Berries and apples are all soon ready to pick. We picked today all the redcurrants, black ones were not ripe enough. The leaves of cherry trees are turning yellow and falling down. Apples have already red cheeks.

IMG_8229 Hannu pensaassa
My hubby picking redcurrants.


Cherry trees.

IMG_8244 Omenat
Red cheeks.

Joutsenet. The Swans.

Joutsenet ovat vielä täällä. The swans are still here.

Kuvat on otettu 18.10.2015. The photos are taken 18.10.2015.

Laskeutuminen. The landing.

Lisää tulossa
Lisää joutsenia laskeutumassa.. More swans landing.

Ruokailijat. The diners.

Harmaa yksinäinen
Siisti. Tidy.

Tulossa ja menossa. Coming and going.

Enemmän ja enemmän saapui. More and more coming.