Exceptional May!

We have had very hot weather about two weeks, temperatures between 25°C-29°C/ 77°F-86°F. Last time we had as hot May as now was 60 years ago. Last year we had snow a week ago.

IMG_9056 Kosmo ja varjo
Kosmo found a tiny shadow under a small spruce.

Lucifer and Klaara.

A strong heat wave, called Lucifer, attacked Europe last week and Lucifer´s tail hit for us two warm and sunny days, Thursday and Friday. After that a thunderstorm Klaara visited us on Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_8145 Salko1
Heat wave Lucifer gave us some summer days.
IMG_8150 Lilja1
After Klaara.
Flowers are decorated with raindrops.
One of my favourite flowers, a soapwort.
“Raindrops keep falling on my head”.