Long, hot summer. Pitkä, kuuma kesä.

IMG_9301 Tyyni poukama.jpg
Our country has very beautiful places by rivers and lakes.

An extraordinary hot weather started at the beginning of May and still continues. At daytime the temperature reaches up to 30°C/ 86°F, nights are too warm for sleeping 20°/68°F, we dont´t have air condition in our houses. A normal summer is about 20°C/68°F-24°C/ 75°F. The biggest problem is drought, we have had only about five rainy days during this hot season. Trees, plants and wild animals are suffering from the lack of water. They are wandering to find a river or a lake.

IMG_9334 Kosken yläjuoksu
Yesterday in wilderness.

IMG_9340 peltoaukea
A typical scenery in Finland. The very high humidity is seen in the photo.

Enjoy the summer, soon everything is covered with snow, says Kosmo, and wishes happy days to everybody !

IMG_9110 Kosmo.jpg

And now something you have never seen. A city of Rovaniemi is located at the Arctic Circle. This phto is taken by Eerika Saravuoma and it tells how hot the weather is.

Porot ovat viihtyneet tänä kesänä Rovaniemen keskustan tuntumassa rannalla, vaikka siellä olisi uimareitakin.
Reindeers at the beach drinking and cooling themselves.

The warmest May ever!

IMG_9090 Koivut.jpg

What a month, we have enjoyed of warm weather every day.  The borderline between warm and hot is here 25°C / 77° F. In May we had 14 days over that borderline and it is all times record. Normally we don´t have so many hot days during the whole summer. Now it starts to be too dry, last rain was on the 3rd of May and the nature is suffering. We are told to have water bowls in our yards for birds, hedgehogs, for everybody.

IMG_9065 Omenapuu
Flowers on an apple tree.

IMG_9074 Valkovuokko
A Wood Anemome.

IMG_9076 Puupino
Fire wood for the winter done.

IMG_9101 Hevoskastanja
Our young Horse-Chestnut has two flowers.

IMG_20180519_000644_resized_20180528_062033707 Kosmo1
I got a great tan.

The most beautiful green and white nights. Kaikkein kaunein vihreä ja valoisat yöt.

Niska tieLight green birches mean here so much. Dark and cold winter is behind. Warm days and white  nights are here.

Kesäkuu. June. Июнь 2016.

We have now a winterstorm with heavy rain. So it is an excellent time to look back to the days and light nights of last summer. All these photos are taken in the evening or at night.

Midsummer night by the Gulf of Bothnia, Kasala, near the town of Kristiinankaupunki.

Laitilansalmi, the strait of Laitila, Hämeenkyrö municipality.

Water lilies, Karvianjoki, the river of Karvia, Kurikka.

A field full of hare´s-tail cottongrass, Kurikka.

Idän Ihmeet-autonäyttely. Wonders from the East-Car Exhibition.

Kuvat on on otettu Idän Ihmeet-tapahtumista kesällä 2014 ja 2015. Photos are taken in Wonders from the East-Car Exhibition summers 2014 and 2015.

Romu edestä
Tämä on hurjin auto, mitä olemme nähneet. This is the most furious car we have seen.


Mosse 1955
Moskvitsh vuosimalli 1955. Moskvitsh from the year 1955

Mosse 1961
Moskvitsh vuosimalli 1961. Moskvitsh from the year 1961.

Käytetty. Used.

Harmaa trabant
Trabant Itä-Saksasta. Trabant from DDR.

Valk Wartburg

Kauhea Lada

Hieno sinapin Lada

Volgan peura
Volgan peura. The deer of Volga.

Näkemiin. Good bye.