You want me to go for a walk, no way!

img_9764 kosmo istuu
Do you have treats?

img_9767 kosmo istuu 1
What do you mean, no treats? You ask me for a walk, there is COLD!

img_9768 kosmo istuu 2
Please, go away, I am going to take a nap.

The warmest May ever!

IMG_9090 Koivut.jpg

What a month, we have enjoyed of warm weather every day.  The borderline between warm and hot is here 25°C / 77° F. In May we had 14 days over that borderline and it is all times record. Normally we don´t have so many hot days during the whole summer. Now it starts to be too dry, last rain was on the 3rd of May and the nature is suffering. We are told to have water bowls in our yards for birds, hedgehogs, for everybody.

IMG_9065 Omenapuu
Flowers on an apple tree.

IMG_9074 Valkovuokko
A Wood Anemome.

IMG_9076 Puupino
Fire wood for the winter done.

IMG_9101 Hevoskastanja
Our young Horse-Chestnut has two flowers.

IMG_20180519_000644_resized_20180528_062033707 Kosmo1
I got a great tan.

Päivittäistä kissan turkinhoitoa. Daily Fur Care for the Cat.

Kosmo nauttii jokapäiväisestä turkinhoitohetkestä.

Kosmo loves the daily fur care moment.

Nyt aloitetaan. Now we start.

Päästä aloitetaan. Starting from the head.

Sitten niska. Then the neck.

Molemmat kyljet. Both sides.

Takapää.The rear.

Nyt riittää
Nyt riittää. Stop, enough.