How important is sauna for us, Finns?

IMG_9647 Saunalaiva.jpg
The answer is: very important. One example here. M/S Ikaalinen at the harbour of the city of Ikaalinen. The light blue cottage on the top is sauna. Passangers are able to take a bath and swim during a cruise.
IMG_9657 Kyrösjärvi satama.jpg
Lake Kyrösjärvi. Suitable for cruising. From the harbour to open waters.

The warmest May ever!

IMG_9090 Koivut.jpg

What a month, we have enjoyed of warm weather every day.  The borderline between warm and hot is here 25°C / 77° F. In May we had 14 days over that borderline and it is all times record. Normally we don´t have so many hot days during the whole summer. Now it starts to be too dry, last rain was on the 3rd of May and the nature is suffering. We are told to have water bowls in our yards for birds, hedgehogs, for everybody.

IMG_9065 Omenapuu
Flowers on an apple tree.
IMG_9074 Valkovuokko
A Wood Anemome.
IMG_9076 Puupino
Fire wood for the winter done.
IMG_9101 Hevoskastanja
Our young Horse-Chestnut has two flowers.
IMG_20180519_000644_resized_20180528_062033707 Kosmo1
I got a great tan.

The most beautiful green and white nights. Kaikkein kaunein vihreä ja valoisat yöt.

Niska tieLight green birches mean here so much. Dark and cold winter is behind. Warm days and white  nights are here.

Today, Friday, + 25°C/ +77°F!

What a day we had, the first warm day! The sun and warm wind made a miracle under our old oak. In the afternoon it was all yellow. Yellow wood anemones had opened their buttons, and small Gagea lutea, I cound´t find an English name for it, we call it käenrieska, a cuckoo´s bread, I don´t know the reason. Just a guess, cuckoos are cuckooing at the same time these flowers are in blossom.

I have in my camera 50X optical zoom, and I took the last photo of a bird high up on the top of a spruce.

Keltavuokot koko
Yellow wood anemones.
Keltavuokot lähi
Yellow wood anemones.
Gagea lutea.
Kuusen latvassa
Watching the world on the top of a spruce.

Our spring is late.

Our spring is late about three four weeks. Here is some photos taken 18.5.2016. At the same day this year, today, we have nothing, our trees and plants are just trying to awake. The temperature is warmer, today + 10°C/ 50°F. Now it should be almost  summer temperatures, not like an early spring. Do we have summer this year at all?

The years 1866-1868 were terrible years here, lakes were frozen at midsummer. Then it was a warmer period and people could seed grain and potatoes. But the first snow came in August and destroyed everything. The next summer was cold and rainy. The famine was here, people had nothing to eat. They left their homes, started to walk from house to house begging. Roads were bordered with starved bodies. They were buried to graveyards together, nobody knew who they were. About 8% of the whole population died to hunger and diseases. Some villages were empty, no one survived.

If you are interested to read of these famine years in English, click the link.


Kirsikka viime vuosi

Siilin talo. Our hedgehog´s house.

Inside this pile of leaves is a two room house. It is made so that water, rain or melting snow, can´t wet a sleeping hedgehog. The leaves keep the house safe and a little bit warmer. The house is in a quiet corner of our yard.  The hedgehog, we have seen only one this spring, has made two doors. That white spot is a water bowl and in the evenings we give him/ her cat food.

Every autumn in newspapers is articles how to make a house for a hedgehog. Every year we have them less, traffic is the most dangerous enemy. These winters without snow and often changing temperatures also kill them, if they have shelter only of leaves or hay. They get wet and freeze, when the weather is cold again.

PS. It is snowing now.

Siilin pesä

We had three hedgehogs living in your yard during the summer 2013.



Kesäkuu. June. Июнь 2016.

We have now a winterstorm with heavy rain. So it is an excellent time to look back to the days and light nights of last summer. All these photos are taken in the evening or at night.

Midsummer night by the Gulf of Bothnia, Kasala, near the town of Kristiinankaupunki.
Laitilansalmi, the strait of Laitila, Hämeenkyrö municipality.
Water lilies, Karvianjoki, the river of Karvia, Kurikka.
A field full of hare´s-tail cottongrass, Kurikka.

Idän Ihmeet-autonäyttely. Wonders from the East-Car Exhibition.

Kuvat on on otettu Idän Ihmeet-tapahtumista kesällä 2014 ja 2015. Photos are taken in Wonders from the East-Car Exhibition summers 2014 and 2015.

Romu edestä
Tämä on hurjin auto, mitä olemme nähneet. This is the most furious car we have seen.


Mosse 1955
Moskvitsh vuosimalli 1955. Moskvitsh from the year 1955
Mosse 1961
Moskvitsh vuosimalli 1961. Moskvitsh from the year 1961.
Käytetty. Used.
Harmaa trabant
Trabant Itä-Saksasta. Trabant from DDR.
Valk Wartburg
Kauhea Lada
Hieno sinapin Lada
Volgan peura
Volgan peura. The deer of Volga.
Näkemiin. Good bye.
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