Supermoon, Bad Moon?

IMG_8789 Kuu
For some minutes the clouds moved away and this is what we saw here.
 When looking at the moon I remembered the words of this song “Bad Moon Rising” and I realized how true these words are.
I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin’
I see bad times today
Don’t go ’round tonight
It’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise
I hear hurricanes a-blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.




Superkuu, juustoako? Super Moon, is it cheese?

Onko superkuu sittenkin juustoa? Yläreunaa on selvästi nakerreltu, avaruushiirikö?

Is the super moon cheese after all? When you look the upper part of the moon, you will see that someone has gnawed it. Maybe a space mouse?

Kuu nakerrettu