May in Photos.

May is a special month here between winter and summer. The nature is waking up, it is raining, snowing, shining. People start to work in their yards digging , planting and normally we hear the first lawnmovers singing at the end of May.

Sometimes we have to work hard to achieve our goals. My hubby opening the forest way.
Planting summer flowers.
The yard is suddenly full of blossoms.
One morning we woke up in a white world. Nightfrost killed all the summer flowers we planted.
Snow melted away, and we got huge hails.
Pidgeons are sitting on our tv-antenna and using it as a toilet, so hubby must climb up there and wash all the poop away.
All the pollinators arrive.

Because of the corona virus, even the lookout tower was closed.
The cherry trees in the yard are in full bloom.