Spring Under the Old Oak.

A huge old oak is like a sacred place in our yard. We don´t touch the ground at all and all plants are welcome to blossom there. These photos are taken today 26.4.2019.

IMG_9935 Tähtililjat
Tiny lilies,(Scilla siberica), idänsinililja in Finnish.
IMG_9939 Valkovuokot
Wood anemones. Valkovuokkoja.
IMG_9942 Sinivuokot
Common hepaticas. Sinivuokkoja.
IMG_9945 Kevätlinnunsilmä
I could´t find an English name for these tiny, yellow stars. (Gagea) Käenrieskoja.
IMG_9938 Narsissi
A daffodil. Narsissi.

Migratory birds are arriving!

Every day big groups of birds are arriving, in some fields even thousands of swans and geese eating and resting before flying to their nest places.

IMG_9844 Telkkä
Common goldeneye, Bucephala clangcula, telkkä.
IMG_9847 Kyhmyjoutsen
Mute swan couple, Cygnus olor. Kyhmyjoutsen.
IMG_9862 Joutsenet pellolla
Whooper swans, Cygnus cygnus, laulujoutsen. I counted up 120 and there  were more.
IMG_9867 Joutsenet syövat
IMG_9871 Joutsen joukko
And eating.
IMG_9872 Joutsenet liki
And eating.