Kaamos. The Polar Night.

The Polar Night started in the northern parts of Finland, north from the Arctic Circle. The sun is below the horizon until 16.1.2017, when the sun will rise for the first time above the horizon. The Finnish word for this dark period is kaamos, pronounced in English [‘ka:mos].

Auringonlasku aattoiltana


Lumi on kadonnut. Snow has disappeared.

This photo is taken today at noon and the photo below almost in a same place 11.11.2016, a week ago. It started rain yesterday morning and it still continues. All the snow has disappered.


Yläpuolella oleva kuva on otettu tänään. Alla oleva kuva viikko sitten melkein samassa kohdassa. Eilen aamulla alkanut sade jatkuu edelleen. Kaikki lumi on sulanut.


Grass is green like in summertime. Ruoho vihertää kuin kesällä.



These days are made for sleeping…

The weather is warming, the snow is melting away. Heavy clouds are just above the roof. We have not seen the sun for days. Here is now everlasting twilight. Daytime is about six hours, from 9 am till 3 pm. Lights are needed inside all the time. We are sleepy, nothing else is so important, just sleeping.



Mikä tämä on? What is this?

Some days ago I was looking photos in my phone. This photo, taken last summer,  spooked me. My husband was picking blueberries, I took the photo, and I didn´t see anything special. Now looking at the photo I saw this creature behind him and I do not understand what it is.

Muutama päivä sitten katselin valokuvia puhelimessa. Tämä kuva, otettu viime kesänä, pelästytti minut. Mieheni noukki mustikoita ja minä otin kuvan enkä huomannut mitään erikoista. Nyt kuvaa katsoessa näin tuon otuksen hänen takanaan enkä ymmärrä mikä se on.


The Versatile Blogger Award.


We thank the blogger Purrseidon and her mom Jeanne Foguth for nominating our blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is a great honour to us.

Here are the “rules”:

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About us:

1) The word ” Rantasalot” is the plural form of our family name. Behind the blog is three persons, my husband, me and our cat Kosmo.

2) The reason why we started this blog: We both like to take photos of this country, and so it seemed reasonable to share them with others. The blog is based on the four seasons in our country, and sometimes Kosmo wants to write.

3) We live in Scandinavia, in Finland, a country between Sweden and Russia.

4) We love all kind of animals and we make our best to help them in need. Now in wintertime in our yard is feeding stations for cats and birds. We don´t allow hunting in our forests.

5) We are fish eating vegetarians.

6) Our garden is full of trees, bushes and flowers for all creatures, including us, to enjoy.

7) The most important thing in our life is to respect the nature .

We would like to nominate the following bloggers with one common  thing, they love animals, too.
















Thank you for reading this, maybe you nominated like to continue nominating your favourite blogs with this award, if not, please, check those blogs above, and you will find interesting posts and photos.